GuildWars NightFall: Did They Hit the Mark with This Expansion?

Not even a year after Guild Wars first expansion Factions they follow up with Nightfall. I personally was highly excited about this one. After playing the preview event and experiencing the beautiful environment and new classes first hand I was impressed.
At first look you will be amazed with the whole look of the game. This expansion they decided to do an Egyptian type theme which I must say worked beautifully. With a whole new list of skills for the veteran classes, also a creative lineup of spells for the two new additions to the guild wars team the first character I decided to make was a paragon with its shout that can support a whole team and take pressure of casters.

The dervish was looking very appealing with the ability to transform into a god avatar. I started in the outpost kamedon with my new paragon ready to take on the game. In the beginning you get your hero companion to do quests with. This feature is new to guild wars you can customize your own hero to compliment your skill line up.

Later in the game I ran into very hard areas and missions, but it wasn’t hard in an annoying way more like a fun and challenging. Nightfall was a great expansion to the Guild Wars list of expansions. It was truly a fun and exciting experience and if you haven’t bought it yet you don’t know what you’re missing.

How to Benefit from Clash Royale

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Good strategy forms a good troop for your Clash of Clans game

All people are crazy in playing games and many get interest only in playing the latest games with the new features. Many people like to play different games to move on the various high levels to win their game. You all would like to choose some kinds of the best adventure game in which you can able to get involved inside those games and enjoy your play. The clash of clans is the latest game and which you can fell the adventures world where you can fight by using your troop and get your success easily.

  • By playing the clash of clans you can able to promote the team work because when your troops all joined together to play then only you can able to achieve your success.
  • When you play this game with your full involvement then your mind would get a chance to come out of stress and that gives you a great relief.
  • The clash of clan would teach you the importance of the planning work of your troop and at the same time you would give some work for your brain.

Defense is made easy if your troops are ready to destroy your opponent

In the clash of clans you have to collect your resource then only you could able to attack your enemies by using your troops. You must plan for a while before attacking your opponent then you have to send one of your troop members to check the level of your opponent then after he knows the opponent strength then you must send another one from your troop. Then you must start your defense attack and you must collect three stars for getting your victory. While searching your enemies you must be little careful because you must fight with only the person who have the less power than your troop and that only would gives victory for your team so plan well before you attack.

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