GuildWars NightFall: Did They Hit the Mark with This Expansion?

Not even a year after Guild Wars first expansion Factions they follow up with Nightfall. I personally was highly excited about this one. After playing the preview event and experiencing the beautiful environment and new classes first hand I was impressed.
At first look you will be amazed with the whole look of the game. This expansion they decided to do an Egyptian type theme which I must say worked beautifully. With a whole new list of skills for the veteran classes, also a creative lineup of spells for the two new additions to the guild wars team the first character I decided to make was a paragon with its shout that can support a whole team and take pressure of casters.

The dervish was looking very appealing with the ability to transform into a god avatar. I started in the outpost kamedon with my new paragon ready to take on the game. In the beginning you get your hero companion to do quests with. This feature is new to guild wars you can customize your own hero to compliment your skill line up.

Later in the game I ran into very hard areas and missions, but it wasn’t hard in an annoying way more like a fun and challenging. Nightfall was a great expansion to the Guild Wars list of expansions. It was truly a fun and exciting experience and if you haven’t bought it yet you don’t know what you’re missing.