5 Video Games that Are Notoriously Impossible to Beat

Some games are tough, some are pushovers, and others… well some are painstakingly impossible to finish. Following are the top five video games that are notorious for being virtually impossible to beat.
Donkey Kong

The classic Donkey Kong arcade smash-hit video game is mainly popular for two reasons; it’s the first game to feature the iconic video game character Mario and it’s said to be one of the most impossible games to beat of all time. Each level of Donkey Kong grows increasingly more difficult and even if you manage to get to the final level of Donkey Kong, you’ll never beat it – you’ll only reach Donkey Kong’s infamous kill screen. The original Donkey Kong arcade game is so difficult to beat that there was a documentary created to showcase just how difficult the Donkey Kong arcade game is – The King of King: A Fistful of Quarters.


“From Russia with…” increasingly difficult levels to beat. Tetris is impossible to beat; literally – Tetris never ends. Tetris is the most popular puzzle games ever invented and is featured on nearly every video game platform possible, but each level of Tetris only results in you losing quicker. Tetris can get so speedy and difficult that even if Tetris wasn’t impossible to beat, it’d be impossible to beat.


Contra is one of my favorite “run and gun” videogames, but it’s totally impossible to beat – without cheating. You know that a game is hard-as-heck to beat if it has the most popular cheat code in the history of gaming; the Konami Code. Even with the help of the extra lives provided by the popular 30 extra lives Konami Code, Contra is still nearly impossible to beat and is one of the toughest games ever made.


Battletoads is a cult-classic NES video game classic, but have you ever met someone whose beaten it? Likely you have never crossed the path of someone epic enough to have defeated the fun adventure of Battletoads. Battletoads is most known to be impossible to defeat due to one of its most difficult levels in which your Battletoads’ character is forced to hover-bike and avoid smashing to death into walls that have to be avoided – which never can be avoided and will always result in death.

Mega Man Anything

Mega Man is our favorite robotic video game hero, but for all of his cutesy anime, and baby blue colored appeal, Mega Man is far from being a video game pushover. Mega Man is impossible to beat because… well… everything in the Mega Man universe is out to kill Mega Man. Falling kills Mega Man, flying enemies, walking enemies, and projectile shooting enemies kill Mega Man, wall spikes kill Mega Man, and the increasingly difficult in-game Bosses most definitely will kill Mega Man.

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